Product Description

Abocin is a broad spectrum insecticide and acaricide, effective for the control of two spotted spider mites in Rose.
Caution: 1. This product is toxic to fish, invertebrates, Birds and bees thus may be avoided near aquaculture and active period of foraging of Honey bees. 2. The product shall not be used on rose crop grown for other than ornamental purpose.
Direction Of Use: Spray Equipment: 1. High volume knapsack sprayer with hollow cone nozzle, power operated sprayer machine may be used. 2. Limitations for Use: It should not be used in crops where it has not been recommended it should not be used in combination with any insecticides or plant growth regulators.
Time of Application: Apply the insecticide when first incidence observed and repeat application as necessary.
1. Avoid inhalation, skin & skin contact.
2. Do not use bare hands and always use rubber gloves & face masks while handling the insecticide.
3. Do not eat drink, chew or smoke while handling the insecticide.
4. Wash contaminated skin & clothes with soap and plenty of water.
5. Keep away from animal feed and foodstuff.
6. Spray in the direction of wind and wear full protective clothing while mixing the insecticide.

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