Product Description

  • Extract of several herbs and fish
  • Triggers defence mechanism
  • Anti-feedent and repellent
  • Protects from larva for 15-20days
  • Penetrates leaf tissue
  • Reservoir within leaves
  • Environment safety
  • Outstanding biological Biostimulant
  • Flowering, fruiting
  • Protects from stress
    Recommended crops: Paddy, Chilli, Cotton, Banana, Sugarcane, Grapes, Spices, Oilseeds, Pulses, Cereals, Vegetables, Leafy Vegetables, Tubers,
    Tobacco, Ornamental and horticultural crops.
    Application: Morning hours or evening hours
    Parishkar 250ml per acre @ 2ml per liter of water
    Nagastra 100ml per acre @ 1 ml per liter of water
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