Product Description

Direction Of Use
(Method and Time of application) Sugarcane: Sett Drenching/Soil Drenching in the sugarcane crop for control of termites and early shoot borer and Top borer. The application for the control of 3rd, 4th and 5th brood of Top borer in sugarcane, should be done as Soil drenching in the month of june. Other crops (Rice, cotton, cabbage, tomato, chilli, soybean, brinjal, pigeonpea, bengal gram, black gram, bittergourd, okra) use as foliar spray at ETL of the pest population using knapsack sprayer.
Time of Application
1. Read the leaflet carefully, Save the container with the label to the show the physician in case of accidental poisoning. Read and
follow all instructions on the label.
2. Do not inhale the contents. Wear rubber gloves, goggles, face mask and protective clothing while handling. Avoid remaining in the drift of spray by applying the insecticide with the wind.
3. Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew while spraying.
4. Do not fill the spray tank beyond 3/4th of its capacity. Clean the blocked nozzle by a thin, wire or pin never by blowing the same.
5. In case of any spillage on the body, it should be washed with plenty of water.
6. Always change clothing and take bath as soon as the insecticide treatment is over.
7. Wash hands and unprotected parts of the body before eating, drinking or smoking and after handling.
8. Remove and wash contaminated clothing before reuse.
9. Call a physician immediately if any poisoning appear in a person who is using or has recently used this insecticide.

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