Plant Nutrients/Srestha(K)

Srestha Natural organic nutritional product which helps in the curing the plants from Potash nutrient deficiency and promote plant growth under all climatic conditions. Srestha enhance root growth and improve drough tolerances, build cellulose and reduce lodging. Srestha produce grains rich in starch, increase protein content of plants, and reduce water loss and wilting.

Benefits of Srestha:

  • Essential Catalyst and helps in ion transport.
  • Helps in production of sugar and carbohydrates, which are essential for seed and fruit development
  • Prevents the flower and fruit drop.
  • Helps in the use of major nutrients and regulates other nutrients.
  • Improves resistance against pest and diseases.
  • Promotes activity and development of enzymes and vitamins, which stimulate plant growth and increase finally the crop yield.

Recommended Crops:

Paddy, Chilly, Cotton, banana, sugarcane, grapes, spices, oilseeds, pulses, cereals, vegetables, tubers, flower and horticultural crops.


Potassium lacto Gluconate: 14%

Trace elements: 2%


  • 2-3 ml of Srestha liquid per litre of water and spray in different stages of crop growth like tillering, vegetative, pre-flowering, flowering & fruit formation stages.
  • Drip:
  • 500ml of Srestha can be applied per acre

Soil application:

Apply 10 to 20 kgs of Srestha granules per acre depending on the type of soil and nature of crop.