Plant Protectants /Sastra

Sastra is a new generation organic product helps to build resistance in plants to fight against rust, downy mildews, Powdery mildews, Anthracnose, botrytis, leaf spots; ring spots, fruit rot, etc; in agriculture crops. Sastra is an ideal product for NPOP /NOP/ IPM strategies.


  • Inhibits spore germination and the early stages of fungal development
  • Confers excellent protection against invasion of fungal pathogens.
  • Active against post germination stages of the life cycle in a broad range of fungal species.
  • Also confers anti-sporulant activity against a wide range of diseases.

Note :

Apply the lower dosage when the plants are small and before disease symptoms are noticed. Repeat the spray at every 10 days interval along with Mitra Double.

Compatibility: :

Trail mixing with other pesticides must be done using the water intended for spraying.


250gms per acre @ 3grams per liter of water.

Recommended Crops :

Paddy, Chilli, Cotton, Pulses, cereals, oil seeds, vegetables, tea, coffee, Flowers and Horticulture crops.