Plant Protectants /Samara

Samara is a unique organic combination of aqueous extract of Lantana camera, Curcuma longa, Andro. peniculata, Boerhavia diffuse, etc; which prevents the spread of viral symptoms within the plant and to healthy plants. It develops immunity against virus infections in the plant cells making them less vulnerable to viral infections. Ideal for NPOP /NOP/ IPM strategies.

How Samara does benefit the crop?

  • New leaf sprouts are less virus infected.
  • Further spread of virus is stopped in the crop.
  • Improves fruit set and quality.
  • Eco-friendly, with no phyto-toxicity or residual toxicity.
  • Ideal for NPOP /NOP/ IPM strategies.
  • Increase crop yield by quality as well as quantity.
  • Infected plants give equivalent fruit and yield as the healthy ones.

Recommended Crops :

Paddy, chilies, cotton, Grapes, vegetables, Pulses and Horticultural crops.


250ml per acre @ 1 ml per liter of water 2-3 sprayings are required at 10=1- days interval along with Mitra double and white horse.


Ensure sufficient moisture in the soil before spraying.