We are happy to introduce ourselves as ISO certified company, in which each procedure and work instruction will be documented and thus, becomes the springboard for Continuous Improvement. Helps to increase Employee morale, Customer satisfaction, Better product, Quality and Services, by implementing SOP in management system.

Nakasa and Quality Control

In addition to the strict Quality Control measures currently in place, Nakasa has adopted a more stringent product safety policy. Nakasa has voluntarily implemented independent laboratory testing to verify that all products are pathogen-free to ensure food safety.

Nakasa & Trainings

We have been conducting Staff training programmes on regular basis towards effective communications, Product Knowledge, service, management, personality, leadership, attitude, etc;. The main objectives of staff training and development are to improve the qualities of the trainee, formulation of objectives for different needs and ways of achieving it. It helps to increase personnel efficiency, professional growth, smooth and more effective organizational operations.