Plant Growth Enhancers/Pushkala

Pushkala is a Biotechnologically derived product containing naturally available essential ingredients like vegetable Protien, vitamins and enzymes. It increases cell division and enlargement by influencing physiological processes of plant system, induces flower bud initiation and helps in quick emergence of early, uniform and profuse flowering. Also increases number of branches and enhance fruit set & finally increase the crop yield.


  • Influence physiological functions in plant system which leads to cell division & enlargement.
  • Helps in quick emergence of early, uniform and profuse flowers.
  • Triggers amino acid synthesis cycle.
  • Promotes uptake of nutrients & thereby increase crop yield significantly.
  • prevents pre-dropping of fruits & flowers.

Recommended Crops :

Paddy, Wheat, Chilies, cotton, soya bean, pulses, oil seeds, Grapes, all flower bearing vegetables and Horticulture crops.


250ml per acre @ 2ml litre of water


Ensure sufficient moisture in the soil before spraying.