About Company

Nakasa Crop Science Pvt. Ltd., since its inception has been focusing on pioneering approaches in agro-innovation with an objective of contributing to Indian Agriculture. We are a fast growing company, with having invested our efforts in accelerating scientific approaches to develop reliable agro products, services and utilities.

As an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, it proves our commitment in developing renewed quality solutions through research by rolling out superior agri inputs and production of high quality & eco-friendly products.

Nakasa has carved a unique image in production and marketing of wide range of Organic-Products required by the crop. Attaining healthy root growth with improved nutritional uptake and sustaining excellent shoot growth besides added branches, flowers & fruits.

Optimally Nakasa Crop Science is dedicated to producing the highest quality Organic Products on the Indian market, at competitive prices and at the performance levels our customers’ require. We understand the importance of purity and the steps that must be taken to maintain the integrity of organics. We search the globe to obtain the most powerful flora of medicinals and herbals in their most natural states.

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To be a global corporation by rolling out the best agro solutions that empowers farming communities and adds prosperity to lives by creating awareness.


"Through teamwork and ingenuity, Nakasa is dedicated to forming prosperous partnerships to produce and deliver environmentally-sound agricultural products".

Nakasa and Agriculture

Today, growers can call on biological products that are highly targeted, very effective, and safe for workers, consumers, and the environment. We are dedicated to cultivating environmental awareness through safe agricultural, home and garden products and technologies; we are also dedicated to forming prosperous partnerships that deliver ecologically-sound products to growers and gardeners.

The Nakasa product line includes proprietary formulations based primarily on microbial fermentations and plant extracts, Organic Protieno Lacto gluconates of NPK, Micronutrient blends of primary and complexed secondary nutrients, natural humates, fulvates, seaweed and other organic substances with growth-promoting activity. Nakasa also manufactures traditional and organic fertilizers and soil conditioners.

Nakasa and Manufacturing / Formulation

Experience is the key!

With most experienced technical staff, Nakasa has formulated and manufactured high-quality liquid biological products.A constant emphasis on quality assurance and customer service ensures that all products meet customer's specifications from concept to market.

Nakasa and Quality Control

In addition to the strict Quality Control measures currently in place, Nakasa has adopted a more stringent product safety policy.At nakasa, we recognize the importance of achieving quality excellence. Righ from procurement of raw materials to inspect and packaging of both finished and sami-finished products and finally to after-sale service, we have established a strict and comprehensive quality assurance system accrding ISO standards.


  • To establish better research avenues so as to improve the economic growth of farming community.
  • To gain a recognition for our efforts across diagnosis, research and other customary services.
  • To solve pressing issues and problems across crops, locations and seasons.


To passionately innovate the essentials to human progress by providing sustainable solutions to agro-farming communities to produce better quality output.


Our Values are directed to meet expectations as an organization — what we hold to be fundamental to our culture. It is imperative that all of us, to ensure these Values are maintained and are constantly made real to everyone at Nakasa Crop Science.

  • Integrity
  • Respect for People
  • Protecting eco-system