Plant Growth Enhancers/Ryna Gold

Ryna Gold is a natural organic nutritional product derived from vegetable source (Soya Protein) enriched with essential nucleotides required for plant growth stimulation and higher crop yields. It increase chlorophyll content in leaves, improve nutrient uptake, relieve stress in plants caused by biotic & abiotic condition.


  • Increase the flower and fruit set
  • Improves nutrients uptake
  • Removes hormonal imbalance
  • Reduces flower & fruit drop
  • Improve keeping quality of produce
  • Enhances crop produce quality and increases yields


Hydrolysed proteins: 30%

Organic Nitrogen: 5%

Recommended Crops:

Paddy, Chilly, Cotton, banana, sugarcane, grapes, spices, oilseeds, pulses, cereals, vegetables, tubers, flower and horticultural crops.


  • Mix 2ml of Ryna Gold liquid per litre of water and spray in different stages like Vegetative, Pre-flowering, Flowering & fruiting stages.
  • Drip:
  • 250-500ml of Ryna Gold can be applied per acre.

Soil application:

Apply 10 to 20 kgs of Ryna Gold granules per acre depending on the type of soil and nature of crop.