Plant Protectants /Ricetop

Ricetop is a very effective and unique organic product containing natural alkaloids and essential nucleotides. It induces resistance in plant system and helps in control of leaf spot, blast, sheath blight & rust diseases in paddy, chilli, cotton, vegetables, pulses, oil seeds, etc;. Ideal for NPOP /NOP/ IPM strategies.

Mode of action:

biochemical It possesses a novel mode of action with following properties;

  • Inhibits spore germination and the early stages of fungal development.
  • Give excellent protection against invasion of fungal pathogens.
  • Active against post germination stages of the life cycle of fungus.
  • Also confers anti-sporulant activity against a wide range of diseases.


Apply the lower dosage when the plants are small and before disease symptoms are noticed. Repeat the spray at every 10 days interval along with Mitra Double.


Trail mixing with other pesticides must be done using the water intended for spraying.

Recommended Crops :

paddy, chilies, cotton, wheat, pulses, Grapes, vegetables & horticulture crops etc;


100ml per acre @ 1ml per litre of water