Plant Growth Enhancers/Prudhvi Granule

Prudhvi Granule Our granules mainly contain most bio-chemically active materials helps in development of excellent adventitious root system. With efficient root system, result in more number of tillers. Because of more tillers & larger leaf area, it also helps in suppression of weeds.

How does Prudhvi granule benefit the soil?

  • Improve soil structure, water-holding capacity, and fertilizer retention.
  • Promote nutrient uptake by plants.
  • Stimulating soil beneficial microbial activity and in turn promote better establishment of root system.
  • Increase chlorophyll synthesis and regulate hormonal imbalance; in turn promote flower and fruit set.
  • Improve crop stress-resistance ability, help to fight the effect of droughts and ensures their drought resistance.
  • Increase the quality and yield in crops.

Recommended Crops :

All agriculture crops.


(1) Pure granules @ 2kg per acre

(2) Bentonite granules @5kg per acre