Plant Growth Enhancers/Nirman

Nirman is a organic nutritional product containing naturally derived humic acid, fulvic acid and seaweed extract fortified with other essential nucleotides, required for establishment of plant root and shoot system. It helps in acceleration of germination and development of vigorous multi-root system. Also enhances uptake & translocation of plant nutrients, and finally increase the crop yield.


  • Stimulate growth of existing roots and increase the uptake of nutrients.
  • Increase sugar levels in plants, resulting in robust growth and sweeter fruit.
  • Increase establishment of cuttings and reduce transplantation shock.
  • Improve chlorophyll production, resistance to several stress conditions, helps growth, heavier cropping and increased yields.

Recommended Crops :

All agriculture crops.


(I) Soil drenching : 500 ml per acre

(ii)Foliar Spray: 250 ml-500ml per acre

(iii)Seed treatment: 500ml per quintal


Ensure sufficient moisture in the soil before spraying.