Plant Protectants /Nasodus

Nasodus is a new generation organic product containing naturally extracted organic components to increase resistance in plants by triggering natural defence mechanism to fight against mites, thrips, leaf miner, red spider etc.


  • Eco-friendly product and safety to use.
  • It is the ideal biological agriculture product helps in repelling many kinds of phytophagous mites, thrips, leaf miners, red spider, etc
  • Besides, it improves the rooting, branching, flowering, fruiting and protect plant from different stress conditions.
  • It is purely a natural product manufactured through fermentation, extraction, and purification process.

Recommended Crops :

Chilli, Cotton, Pulses, cereals, oil seeds, vegetables, tea, coffee, Flowers and Horticulture crops.


250ml per acre @2ml per litre of water.