Plant Protectants /Nagastra

Nagastra is a natural organic product containing Nutritional and Medical values for complete crop protection against Lepidopteron larva, 1st and 2nd instar Helicoverpa. It is a 100% natural derived bio extract that increases immunization in plants.

Mode of action :

When properly applied, Nagastra spread on leaf tissue and forms a reservoir within treated leaves. The reservoir provides excellent residual activity against foliage-feeding pests that repel larva and act as anti-feeding and subsequently die after 1-2 days.


  • This product is high effective, Zero pollution and 100% environment safety.
  • It is a kind of outstanding biological product , an ideal substitute for high poisonous and residual agricultural chemicals.
  • Besides, it improves the rooting, branching, flowering, fruiting and finally protect plant from different stress conditions.

Recommended Crops :

Chilli, Cotton, Groundnut, Pulses, cereals, Paddy, vegetables, tea, coffee, flower and Horticulture crops.


100ml per acre @ 1 ml per litre of water